Christie's Fine Art Storage Services - The Art of Preservation

New York

CFASS-Managed Vault

Clients who do not need a private room choose the CFASS-Managed Vault, which is a secure, multi-client room that is only accessed by authorized CFASS staff, never by any client.

Here, property is:

  • Kept in a vault separate from other clients’ property
  • Accessible only by authorized CFASS staff
  • Managed by CFASS staff
  • Photographed, inventoried and barcoded by CFASS staff
  • Available for online management via MyCFASS

Clients who wish to see their property while stored in the vault can do so at any time by reserving one of our seven viewing galleries.

Clients who desire access to property within a private room choose Self-Managed Units or CFASS-Managed Units.